Cabling4Less SVGA/VGA Black TV/Monitor Extension Cables (M-F)

Cabling4Less SVGA Black TV/Monitor Cable (M-M)
  • Fully Wired (All 15 Pins)
  • Double Shielded
  • Ferrite Cores on lengths 15m or greater
  • Gender: Male to Female
  • HD15 (15 pin Mini D-Sub) to HD15 (15 pin Mini D-Sub)
  • HD15 is also known as DB15, RGB, VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA

  • Common Use: Connects to existing cable to extend the length to a computer graphics card, computer monitor or projector.
Note: These cables are for use with DDC (Display Data Channel). A lot of modern monitors, mainly bigger wide screens, use the pins that were not traditionally used for VGA to send and receive information about such things as resolutions and colour depth. This means that the cable has to have all pins wired to allow the DDC to function correctly, this is why some monitors don’t work with cables that aren’t completely wired. Because the wires are not connected to the PC they can not receive the resolution and colour depth info, then you get a blank screen. So a monitor cable that has all pins connected can be used for DDC monitors.
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